Jeremy Birchall


Directing for stage is such a joy for me and so rewarding! I love facilitating and witnessing all the elements of a production coming together - lighting, sound, set, wardrobe, choreography and more. It's been a privilege that I have been able to direct some wonderful students, emerging artists and professionals over the years. It's wonderful encouraging students to discover and develop a belief and confidence in themselves and their valuable contribution, which they can implement on stage and in their personal and school lives. Some of these students’ love for the theatre has been sparked within productions I've directed and they have gone on to tertiary institutes around the country and the world to further their knowledge of the arts and forge their own career paths. Directing for me takes an holistic approach - when all the elements are in play at once and need to be integrated as a whole in a single vision and there is nothing more magical than when that vision is realised on opening night.


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