Jeremy Birchall

Dance & Choreography

I started dancing when I was 10 years old at the Geraldine Inder School of Dance - first Tap then started Jazz. At the age of 17 I completed my NZAMD (New Zealand Association of Modern Dance) Solo Performance Diploma in Jazz. After I finished at drama school in Auckland, I started my dance career and joined the Candy Lane Dancers. I was a member of the Candy Lane Dancers for over 16 years – the dance jobs and gigs are too numerous to mention, but the work gave me the foundation for my career; the benefits of hard work and discipline and how that can be implemented in a professional career in the arts. Over the years I've used my dance skill set in musical theatre and stage as both a performer and choreographer. The Hip Hop movement took my heart when I was just starting out and I began teaching and choreographing the art form since the mid 90's and it became a big part of my life, offering me opportunities locally and overseas. I've been invited to teach movement at UNITEC and The Actors Program and numerous institutes around the country. In 1998 I competed with Dayelle Skinner in the Reebok Open Pairs Aerobics Championship, where we won the Auckland and NZ titles. In 2001 I competed with the Hip Hop team KARMA where we won the FISAF team Hip Hop Championship for both Auckland and NZ qualifying us for the worlds in Morocco. What a ride it has and continues to be!


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